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Your unique history has created a tapestry of tension patterns that have protected and comforted you. These patterns might show up as pain in physical body, recurrent thoughts in the mental body and emotional patterns to events and relationships. Did you know that this is a normal survival technique your nervous system offers you, to protect you?

My work uses neuropsychology, shamanic wisdom and yogic philosophy along with 20 years of hands on bodywork experience working with hundreds of diverse individuals to support YOU to find the pieces that have gotten stuck or lost or even frozen. Begin to understand and connect with the parts of life that where overwhelming, whether is was from trauma, a divorce or times from early child hood. Whether we work with the body through talking or on the table, there are many tools I would like to share with you.

Please feel free to give me a call for you free 30 minute consultation to begin your journey back home to you.

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