My Background

A little bit about myself…

Heather DiamondWhen I was 14 years old my own healing journey began when I ¬†broke my jaw in a car accident. There was a clarity for me, even at that young of age, that I was here on this earth for some reason. The accident was a significant one and so was the kind or lack of care I received in my healing around it. Through the years the pain and suffering from this moment and other “life” situations has led me on this so called “healing quest”.

In 1995, I received my BA in Psychology from the University of Kansas, close to my home town of Kansas City. My focus was early childhood and children with special needs. I worked my way through college with several organizations whose focus was on independent living for adults and children with Autism. As I finished my college years, I was personally drawn to the expansive outdoors of Colorado. I landed in Boulder, and was quickly called to attend the Boulder College of Massage School. In December of 1996, I finished my 1000 hour Certified Massage Therapy Program. This year proved to be another pivitol time in my life as I began to finally find clairity in what my body was saying to me and how I could empower myself to heal from the suffering I still experienced from “the accident”.

Fresh and inspired, I eagarly worked with as many bodies as I could. Learning so much from my clients, what worked for them and what didn’t. I continued my somatic education by completing certifications in Cranial Sacral I and II (70 CEU’s) and Lymphatic Drainage I from the Upledger Institute. Certification of Maya Abdominal Massage Level I, II, III ( 100 CEU’s) supported my interest in unwinding the core of the body resulting in unlocking trauma and guiding the mother into a smoother birthing experience.

Around 10 years into having my own private practice, it became clear that those who continued to seek me out were coming back with the interest to know themselves more fully. I started to call myself a “body interpreter”. My clients came into a session, I listened to where they were suffering, on all levels (mentally, physically and emotionally). I would then create a sequence with words and hand placements that supported in clearing the armouring that kept them stuck in that paticular pattern or archetype. To understand more of this process, please look at Soul Midwifery¬†and my L.E.A.P. packages.

I attended my first birth at home in Boulder, Colorado in the Fall of 2000. I then attanded another birth that Spring but this time in the hospital. The difference between the two made such an impression on me that I dived head first into the birth world. In 2001 I received my DONA (Doulas of North America) certification in birth. This initial training was useful yet I was looking for a deeper connection that the home birth inspired in me. I then found the 250 hour Certification as a Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Massage Doula, CMD from Rima Star in Austin. These hours were spent looking at the spirituality and consciousness around birth. Looking at teachers like, Micheal Odent, David Chamberlin, Suzanne Arms and the BEBE foundation, to name a few. During this time I also became Certified in Infant Massage.

After the birth of my son at home in 2005, another pivitol time, I again realized the residual impact that trauma can have on the body. I had already been involoved in the birth world, however I was then pushed to explore what the other side of birth was like as a midwife. From 2007 to 2011, I apprenticed as a home birth midwife through the National College of Midwifery. The experience taught me the depth of transformation that takes place for the whole family, not just the baby and mama, during the prenatal, birthing and post partum period. Although at this time, through divine grace, my path was not to be a liscenced midwife. I feel called to offer the same type of guidance and holding of space for this kind of deep transformation. Soul Midwife

My ecclectict path has also been blessed learning about Botanical Medicine. I took graduate classes at Tai Sophia in Laurel Maryland, and worked with amazing teachers like Rosemarry Gladstar, Jim, Duke and Kami McBride. I received a solid foundation in the roots of western/eastern herbology and the safety and efficacy of the global herbal industry. The weaving of my formal and informal education has proved to be an outward expression of how I lead my life. I move from my inner Truth and am not afraid to blaze a trail. Accepting that this is my calling has not be an easy one, yet it has taught me the act of surrendering and trusting that I am divinely guided.

I balance my life with growing my own food, moving my body with Yoga and hiking, filling my heart with the joy of friends and family and feeling deep gratitude that I get to be called a mother by my son.

I thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself. I look forward to connecting with you at one of my workshops, on my table, or through this cyber opportunity.

Nameste, Sat Nam, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti … Padma