Somatic Bodywork

The term Somatic Bodywork is a term used to describe a relationship with the inner wisdom of the body. The sensations in the body get more of a priority than the thoughts in the Mind get. It is a time to explore what it is like to use your breath to connect to the deeper experiences inside the body. A valuable tool for those suffering with Chronic Tension, acute or yet to unpacked trauma.

This time is like a more typical massage session, clothes may be undressed to level of comfort. Tools like Cranial Sacral Therapy, Maya Abdominal Massage, and Integrative Massage will be offered and chosen when needed for a client centered approach every time.

What can you expect from a session?

You can expect the same ethics and professionalism as you will find in the industry, which is client centered; clear boundaries and confidentiality. In addition, Padma has two decades worth of experience working with all kinds of bodies, and ways that old patterns release. She holds therapeutic space for whatever shows up in the session. The goal is to provide a safe container to explore your body in ways that are appropriate for you. Even if unwinding trauma isn’t your main goal, you can benefit from the depth of self knowledge you’ll gain.

What happens in a session?

Each session is unique and centered on your needs. Usually there is a check in to see how the mental body or mind is expressing. This is where the awareness of pain patterns are discussed: physical, emotional or spiritual. Then you get on the table, dressed to your level of comfort. During this part of the session, the physical body is explored through touch. Guidance through breath and words invite you deeper into experiencing the edge of yourself, your skin. The whole body is supported and the goal is teaching the body how to let go of the past, and trust the future, and to be in the present moment. To end the session, Padma offers homework, or other self-care tools that support in what was found in the session.